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Mike Russell RVT, affords those with sick pets an option for assisted care for the animal in the comfort of their own home.

Mike Russell RVT



A $20 surcharge will be applied for all major holidays.


about Mike's Pet Care


Services include but are not limited to:


  • Medication Adminstration -

    Oral administration - e.g., pills, liquid antibiotics, etc... (discount possible if needed on regular basis)
  • Injections -

    Subcutaneous (under the skin,) Intramuscular (in the muscle,) Intravenous (in the vein.)
  • Subcutaneous Fluid Administration - $38

    Lactated ringers injected under the skin. This is the bag of fluids that your veterinarian would send home with you.(discount possible if needed on regular basis)
  • Insulin Administration - $10 (in addition to visit)

  • Glucose Test - $15 (in addition to visit, owner provides glucometer)

  • Consultation - $44

  • Nail Trim -┬áStarting at $25

  • Therapeutic Ear Cleaning - Starting at $25

    A medicated ear flush to wash out ear debris and exudates.
  • Anal Gland Expression - $30

    A manual expression of the anal glands often needed to relieve itching and scooting on the floor.
  • All services and medications rendered as prescribed by your veterinarian.


about Mike's Pet Care

(Daily visits include feeding, change water, walking, mail and paper retrieval, and light plant watering.)

  • Canine Visit - $32

    ($10 for each additional dog) Medical cases might cost more. A free consultation is required.
  • Feline Visit - $27

    ($8 for each additional cat) Medical cases might cost more. A free consultation is required.
  • Exotic Visit - $25

    (Call for quote if multiple exotics)
  • Canine Walk - $27

    ($8 for each additional dog)
  • Overnight Stays - $105

    1 pet ($25 for each additional canine) Overnight holiday surcharge $25.
  • Licensed as a veterinary technician under the California Veterinary Medical Board
  • Top of my class at Professional Veterinary Assistant School
  • Over a decade of clinical experience
  • Insured and Bonded through Business Insurers Of The Carolinas
  • National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America member
  • Voted Gold winner in SC Times "Best of 2009"
  • Voted Gold winner in SC Times "Best of 2010"
  • Licensed with the city of San Clemente

Best Pet Sitter of San Clemente Award member of pet sitters international
Member of NAVTA