Here is a collection of animals that I have either cared for clinically or through Mike's Pet Care. Some are clients that unfortunately have passed on and some are still doing well. Some were our family pets that are no longer with us also.


I'm thankful to have worked with each and every one, and I look forward to helping many more in the future.


My Chair Sasha I got this Sweet senior Trixie Puppy love ~ Marley Yertle the turtle Gimme a kiss Rogue Rover Comminuted fracture still workin Awesome drawing from a client's young daughter Newborn puppy Ruger representing the Pack! Deer at client's backyard in Laguna Beach Linda Lane snake charmer Kodi was a great little dog that took me months to rescue from my mom's neighborhood 12 yrs ago. Sadly we lost him to an accident last year neighbor kitty I believe I can flyyyyy! My buddy Samson pops in to chill whenever he feels like it Skip & Trix enjoying a beach sunset ~ My niece napping with a little pup I rescued Bear is big, Bear is fast, & Bear is grumpy. Here goes nothing ~


  • Licensed as a veterinary technician under the California Veterinary Medical Board
  • Top of my class at Professional Veterinary Assistant School
  • Over a decade of clinical experience
  • Insured and Bonded through Business Insurers Of The Carolinas
  • National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America member
  • Voted Gold winner in SC Times "Best of 2009"
  • Voted Gold winner in SC Times "Best of 2010"
  • Voted Silver winner in SC Times "Best of 2017"
  • Licensed with the city of San Clemente



Silver Winner
Best of San Clemente Award 2017
Silver Winner
Best of San Clemente Award 2016
Best Pet Sitter of San Clemente Award 2010
Best Pet Sitter of San Clemente Award 2011